Somerstep title

SomerStep is group of musicians and step dancers based near Crewkerne in Somerset, who aim to encourage social dancing and step dancing at informal occasions.

We have musicians with an impressive repertoire of Dorset and Somerset traditional tunes.

We have individual dancers who dance the steps of Dartmoor steppers Bob Cann and Les Rice and freestyle to southern English jigs, polkas and hornpipes.

As a group, we dance reels and step dances such as the Dorset four-hand reel, Cornish four-hand reel, and Wiltshire six handed Reel, where possible using traditional steps collected during the mid-late 20th Century.

As the evening progresses, we like to engage the audience and dance some of the social dances collected in the New Forest, such as the Step Dance, Jackie Robinson and Bonnets So Blue.

We are currently researching Somerset dance traditions such as East Coker Ribbon dances and Mendip Stepping